Coingrig Launches Peer-to-peer
Referral System

Coingrig Launches Peer-to-peer Referral System

Earn rewards of up to 1000$ from each individual friend that installs and uses Coingrig Wallet through your referral link.

We are happy to share with you our new P2P Referral system available within the June 2022 Coingrig Wallet.


Decentralization is an important aspect of the blockchain ecosystem. The decentralization of blockchain platforms is a spectrum and we believe that the better we can apply it to our applications the more we can contribute to a more fair internet.

The advantage of our system is that you will be automatically rewarded every time one of your friends that has installed through your referral link does a Swap operation on a decentralized exchange platform. The smart contracts that handle the DEX platform interaction will automatically send you the reward.

How does it work?

Starting with this version you'll be able to easily share Coingrig Wallet within your community through a simple referral link.

Once your friends show you support and install the Coingrig app using your referral link every time they do a Swap operation, exchanging for example ETH to USDT, you will receive a % fee of that swap in the token that is being purchased, USDT in our example. See current Coingrig Fees for exact details.

The rewards are limited only to your direct friends and not friends of friends. Your friends themselves are free to share their own referral links.

For more specifics, we invite you to read more about Coingrig Fees and our Referral System Terms and Conditions